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【海上颱風警報】中度颱風「泰利」海上警報已經發布,請注意!The Central Weather Bureau Typhoon Watch Advisory #18 (TALIM)



The Central Weather Bureau has issued Typhoon Watch Advisory #18 for Typhoon TALIM as it currently situated over waters and is quickly approaching.
We kindly remind our staff and students to make your storm preparations early. Also please refrain from engaging in any outdoor activities, especially in mountainous areas or any area near bodies of water. Organizers and participants of any outdoor activity/event should also very pay close attention to the path of the storm and make arrangements in advance, so that if needs be, changes in routes or ending times of the activity/event can be timely communicated.

The latest on the path of the storm can be accessed at any time on The Central Weather Bureau’s website from the webpage below:

~The Student Living Services Divsion cares about your safety~